About Dr. Rosenfeld

DDR Doctor Photo 002 1 Dr. Rosenfeld, a board-certified Proctologist based in Thousand Oaks, California, specializes in hemorrhoid therapy. He is an expert in diagnostic colonscopy, surgical colonoscopy, hemorrhoid therapy, hemorrhoid surgery, benign and malignant anal diseases, pilonidal cyst disease, and rectal prolapse (in elderly). He has been in private practice since 1998.

Dr. Rosenfeld is a strong advocate for colo-rectal health, appearing often on CBS’ Emmy Award winning TV show, “The Doctors”. His research has been published in medical journals and he is the only colorectal surgeon and proctologist in the Southern California performing the new Doppler hemorrhoid surgery.

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Topics Dr. Rosenfeld Can Discuss

  • How to detect, and even prevent, colorectal cancer;
  • Why people shouldn’t be avoiding colonoscopies;
  • How getting a colonoscopy can save your life;
  • Which foods help maintain colorectal health;
  • About the benefits of psyllium husk fiber;
  • How to avoid irritation back there;
  • How to achieve the perfect bowel movement;
  • What bowel movements indicate about health;
  • Why there should be no embarrassment about having an itchy anus (nearly half of the US population suffers from this, too);
  • Why you shouldn’t have hemorrhoid shame (everyone has them);
  • About anal fissures, one for the most misdiagnosed conditions of the human body;
  • Information about the revolutionary no-cutting hemorrhoid surgery;
  • And more.

Contact Dr. Rosendfeld

Office: (805) 230-2889 | Fax: (866) 518-0359[email protected]

Clips from Appearances on “The Doctors”

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Radio Interviews

Jared Morris of Delaware 105.9FM interviews Dr. David Rosenfeld "Everything You've Ever Watned To Ask A Proctologist"
(Podcast Exclusive) (02-24-14) Click here to listen.

Bowel Prep Shuffle

Dr. David Rosenfeld does a hilarious music video on prepping your colon for colonoscopy. Help spread colorectal cancer awareness and pass this along!

Television Interviews

Jeff Micahel of Los Angeles Local News, FOX 11 LA KTTV is joined by Dr. David Rosenfeld to talk about colon cancer (03-11-14)

Around the Web

NCI Stacked COLOR e1637607568744

Colon cancer on the rise in young adults.

Nearly 18,000 people under the age of 50 will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer this year in the United States, said Rebecca Siegel, M.P.H., of the American Cancer Society. But the disease is still relatively rare, affecting far less than 1% of younger adults.

Experts don’t know what’s causing the jump in colorectal cancer among young adults. But they do know some factors that raise the risk of colorectal cancer in older adults, including obesity, physical inactivity, and smoking.

Most of the discussions about the possible causes of early-onset disease converged on three interrelated factors: diet, bacteria in the gut, and inflammation.

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Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine Information

In this observational study, they used an extension of the age-period-cohort Poisson model to estimate the relative risk of cervical cancer in three vaccinated cohorts compared with earlier cohorts that were not eligible for HPV vaccination. Data from a population-based cancer registry were extracted, and were assessed for diagnoses of cervical cancer and CIN3 in women aged 20–64 years and who were a resident in England. They used three vaccinated cohorts to account for differences in the school year in which the vaccine was offered and its national coverage. Adjustment for confounding was made using information on changes in cervical screening policy and historical events that affected cervical cancer incidence. Results were compared across models with different adjustments for confounders.

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